Celebrating 13 Years in Business

13th Birthday CakeThis week, we celebrated our 13th year in business. Happy Birthday Magma Digital!

We began back in 1999 and when Jeremy was setting up the business Mr. Oizo – Flatbeat was number one in the music charts. The Matrix and  Star Wars: Episode 1 were also released during this year.

In terms of technology, CSS (stylesheets) didn’t exist and PHP, our development language of choice, was still around version 3.1.12, nothing compared to the current 5.4.  The team at Magma Digital still love the journey of discovery that occurs in our industry and because we’ve specialised in building business critical web applications, we continue to drive the technologies at the cutting edge. Whilst discussing the technology of 1999, Adrian came across a template called “geocities 1996” which could bring back some memories.

Recently, we have had an exciting time with the addition of two new Developers, Alan (our new Web Developer) and Mark (our new Senior Web Developer) who we are glad to welcome to our team.  The future continues to look as exciting as ever with six of our developers attending  Whisky Web, a Web Conference in Edinburgh next week, Jeremy being chosen as a speaker at PHP Day in Verona next month and our local favourite, PHPNW conference having its 5th year just around the corner.

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