Magma Digital at the Preston Guild Cake City Challenge 2012 #SquareFood

The team at Magma Digital Ltd strongly believe in supporting the communities we are involved in. As a Preston based company we had the pleasure of being involved in our first Preston Guild celebrations which are also the first since Preston was granted city status in 2002. The Preston Guild gives everyone an opportunity to get involved and to be proud of the achievements of our community and the city as a whole. The 2012 Guild had many new, unique features such as an edible map showing Preston landmarks in cake form created by bakers both amateur and professional. When we heard about this, we just had to get involved.

Our Choice of Landmark

Magma Tram Bridge CakeWe first heard about the Cake City and Square Food Festival mid August and promptly signed up to create one of the landmarks. After a team discussion surrounding the cakes available, a decision was made that out of the 50 landmarks available Magma Digital should make the tram bridge. The Tram bridge appealed to us because of its location near Avenham park as this is where our Team photos were taken but secretly we love a bit of a challenge. When we first contacted the Head Baker about our choice of landmark he replied with this short email:

“Thanks for getting in touch and thanks for claiming one of the last remaining plots on the Preston Cake City map! I think the idea of making a bridge out of cake scares people (can’t think why!) so you are brave to be taking it on at this stage, well done you! It’s yours!

Simon – Head Baker”

Planning Begins

Then our research began, with a Google search to learn about the history of the tram bridge, its construction and how it has changed. We created a paper version of the tram bridge, as a trial to see how we could support the top layer of cake. Although there was a bridge, the making of a paper model and a sponge one were very different.


Whilst in the planning phase, we visited the actual tram bridge to see what we aspired to re-create. Standing upon the bridge, we realised what was necessary to do justice to the original design. For starters we re-planned the paper structure so that all three supports per section were included.

The Guild 2012 Cake City Results

Friday 31st August was our start day for creating the bridge. We donned our engineering hats and set off to work. After 7 hours of rolling, icing, moving, cutting and arranging cake, the pieces were almost complete. We overcame many frustrations and hurdles along the way, below you can see a video of us working at what looks like double speed.

Tram Bridge Time Lapse Video

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