Barcamp Blackpool 2012

Magma Mugs (Photo By Andrew Williams)

It was our pleasure to sponsor and attend this years Barcamp Blackpool, you may remember our previous blog about sponsoring the event. With 5 of the team in attendance this year it was a great opportunity to meet lots of other fellow barcampers in the area.

Barcamp Blackpool is an unconference that started in 2009, with no set speakers it is an experience that is highly recommended. You can attend Barcamps across the UK so check out which ones are local to you or even set up your own!

After registration, the room is your oyster. There were a variety of stands in the main hall so there was plenty to look around and the race was on to get your time slot picked to present a topic. This year we chose to participate in other talks and demonstrations opposed to presenting talks ourselves. Which meant that we could spend time learning about other areas as well as other people visiting our table to find out more about us (Photo by Andrew Williams). With original mario games, duck hunt and a top gear style time board set up the gaming area was always full of players trying to beat the top time.

Fencing Barcamp Blackpool 12 (Photo by Andrew Williams)Central tables an area for discussion and hot bead craft time, if you weren’t able to nab a talk slot you could still chat to other barcampers about your topic and hold a smaller discussion group. You may have seen Jeremy taking part in the Fencing workshop that was held. There was a brief debate, if the approach would help make idea discussions more exciting, EN GUARD. (Photo by Andrew Williams)

There were 3D Printers also printing Barcamp Blackpool logos, if you haven’t seen one in action it is a little surreal. The finished product is of a high standard and produced by one machine. There are plenty of videos to watch online although as with much technology, you need to see/experience it to believe it.

Barcamp Blackpool is one of our favourite events, which is why we attend year after year and it is our pleasure to sponsor it year after year. To see what kind of things were going on in the sessions and in the evening have a look at the Barcamp Flickr group

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