Does Success look Lean?

Does organisational success depend on how well you: design, implement and improve processes?

A process can be defined as an activity or a series of activities which change an input into an output and business process improvement can therefore be described as, applying an approach that improves the way you carry out your processes.

Becoming leaner can come in the form of tweaks which enhance existing and basically ok process, or improvements which are fairly radical and re-engineer the whole process. Business process improvement aims to re-design activities in-order for example: to increase productivity, improve performance, improve cost effectiveness and reduce processing times.

We found at Magma, that as we started to grow as a company so to did the number, size and complexity of our processes. What were once quick and easy processes had the potential to lead to wasted time, money and effort due to issues such as: a lack of standardisation, reduced quality, duplication, tasks being missed entirely or done in the wrong order etc.

We grasped this nettle early and have found a successful way that works for us, and so in-case it can be of any use to you also, here it is!

5 Step Approach!

Step One: Identify the  business process you want to improve & assign a named person

Step Two: Prepare & research – understand your options fully

Step Three: Design the improvement

Step Four: Implement and Evaluate

Step Five: Communicate and maintain the process improvement across the whole organisation


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