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Learn 6 ways to make your website more sticky!

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  • Travelling business men waking up in hotel baths full of ice, missing a kidney

  • We use only 10% of our brains

You’ve heard them all before, the urban myths which circulate the folklore of the internet. These urban myths are used by authors Chip & Dan Heath in their book “Made to Stick” as examples of sticky ideas. Urban myths they say, have great trade marks of sticky (2008: Made to Stick, London, Arrow Books).

The book particularly discusses ‘sticky ideas’, but I reckon the same trade marks apply neatly over to ‘sticky web content’, as after-all, content is all born from an idea!

This is where we thank Chip and Dan for their 6 principles of sticky ideas.

Key 6 principles of Sticky:

  1. simplicity
  2. unexpectedness
  3. concreteness
  4. credibility
  5. emotions
  6. stories
And here, are some favourite ways that web writers take those principles and apply them to make sticky content!
  1. latest news – keep updating the news on your website
  2. competitions – give things away, everyone loves freebies and competitions
  3. captivating stories – urban myths stick around, they promote themselves, we all love a good yarn
  4. useful tips & problem solving solutions – a novel solution to a problem we all have is gold dust!
  5. interactive games – draw out our competitive natures
  6. position statements & information based content- knowledge is power

So why is this relevant?

If you have a website, here is the so what……

A great looking website is all well and good, but without web traffic it’s nothing!

At the risk of stating the obvious, your website needs visitors, but not just visitors, visitors who come back to your site over and over again. This is the definition of sticky content, content that attracts visitors to return to your website.

So with no shortage of web traffic for the foreseeable, the million dollar question is, is your content driving web traffic to your website or away?

We hope that some of the ideas and principles here can help you get more sticky!

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