What’s Magma Digital got to do with Two Black Labs and an NHS Programme Director?

At the end of summer 2011, we saw more additions to the Magma team.

Directing business development, Priscilla Coates has now joined us bringing with her a wealth of experience from over a decade of experience in the NHS and Public Sector.

Priscilla’s forte comes in the form of: PRINCE2 project management, business process management, lean & six sigma in addition to change management expertise. She has built up her business acumen leading on projects ranging from large corporate programmes with acquisitions of over 2,000 employees and budgets of ¬£90 million to small, local business projects with SME’s and local charities.

The team at Magma continues to evolve and change with exciting times ahead!


Speaking of other additions to the team, we thought we would let you know of our two other rather unusual team members. If you have visited us recently you will definitely have met them and no doubt remember them!

First, is Hamish a three year old Black Labrador from Lancashire Greenbriar stock.

As a gun dog he basically sucks! He is scared of sirens, frightened of any loud bangs and has never retrieved a single thing in 3 years.

On the plus side; Hamish is one of the most affectionate animals we have ever had the pleasure to meet. At the Magma office if you are lucky enough to meet him there, he will welcome you enthusiastically and is a real soft natured gentleman……..of the canine variety!

What makes us laugh most about Hamish is his almost human personality, he will yawn loudly during meetings and sighs deeply during our scrums in a morning (somehow he manages to pick just the right comical moment to do these things!)

Hamish is a real sweety and all dog lovers who meet him at Magma are smitten in moments!


Secondly, you guessed it its another 3 year old Black Labrador, who is in-fact Hamish’s brother!

A partner in crime accurately describes Dougal, he is the more assertive of the two and always makes his presence known. Smaller in stature than Hamish he certainly is, but not in personality. Dougal will be found sat under a desk at Magma often snoring contently when you are on the telephone.

Dougal does retrieve more than Hamish ever will, but to date his exploits have reached the lofty heights of: one dead sea gull and a dead toad!! Not really pedigree gun dog panache!

Team Magma have learnt to accommodate Dougal and his habits; such as nudging programmers elbows with his nose for attention which cute as it sounds, is not helpful when its your arm holding the computer mouse.

The highlight of the day for Hamish and Dougal is the visit to the park on Winckley Square just outside Magma’s offices. They are just tall enough to see out of the office window and can often be found staring out across the park watching passers-by.

So there you have it, a glance into the latest newbies at Magma Digital!

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