New staff and a new name

It always seems like there’s a lot of things to post, perhaps we’ll just have to post more frequently!

We have recently undertaken a big transformation, it started with a rebrand idea and became a full identity change. From this point onwards we are Magma Digital Ltd.Magma Digital Ltd Logo

The first thing you may be asking is ‘Why to change?’, so let us get right on to that answer:

  • the old name ‘Solution Perspective Media’, is just too many long words, we found all to often it got shortened and therefore just wasn’t flexible enough.
  • the former name was intended to carry meaning; however this became weakened in the light of the previous point.
  • we’ve grown in numbers since the last branding and wanted something that more reflected who we are now, so we embarked on the re-branding process, and this resulted in Magma Digital Ltd, which is a brand the whole company have been involved in developing.
  • this brand was then tested with some associates and customers who we were in contact with during the branding process, carrying out brand impact testing, this was universally positive and welcomed by all. It also further highlighted the difficulties people have had with the old name.

All in all, the move to become Magma Digital has involved the whole staff team and has helped us to revisit our core objectives as a company – to become the biggest and best web and mobile development, design and marketing team we can be.

While we’re looking at changes, we need to let you know about our exciting staffing additions. Over the last 12 months, we’ve added Kerry Sholicar to our ranks as a Web & Print Designer, who has already allowed us to grow in our graphic design output and also for some clients old and new. This is a very welcome addition to our skill set, in the past, we’ve predominantly focussed on the technical aspects of all things web, however now with the Kerry on board we’re able to broaden our offerings into design and branding. Why not give us a call on 0845 241 6460, to see what we can do for your design needs.

Magma Digital have also, in the last couple of months, added another staff member: Ian Coates, our Client Services Manager. Ian joins us with a long and varied work career, most recently as director of an international charity for the last 19 years. Ian’s role will be to ensure we continue to give you, our clients, the best service and quality we can as we continue to grow. Ian will be responsible for managing projects once they’ve been started, seeing them through to their completion. You can see him as the clients’ advocate and champion within Magma Digital.

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