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Barcamp Blackpool

Barcamp Blackpool is fast approaching again, it’s on this Saturday, 3rd July 2010, and promises to be a great community event as it was last year.

Magma Digital is proud to be sponsoring the event again this year, it’s a great way for us to be able to be involved in our local (geek) community and we love attending too as we get to meet lots of people and get the opportunity to learn things grass roots style.

So in order to support Barcamp Blackpool this year we’ve designed and hosted the website, provided technical support to the event organiser Gemma Cameron (@ruby_gem) and we’re loaning projection equipment on the day to help the event experience. Barcamp Blackpool is only possible because of people like Gemma being a focus point and enthusiastically promoting the event to all who will listen (and some who won’t). Sponsors like ourselves add to the feel of the day by helping things run smoothly, ensuring there’s food, equipment and the all important bar tab!

Tickets are unfortunately already sold out for this year, however if you’ve already got one, we look forward to seeing you there, this weekend.

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