YuuGuu on Linux x86_64 (64bit) CPUs

Here at Solution Perspective we use YuuGuu quite a lot, especially with some of our clients, for remote screen sharing and to check out that we’re all talking about the same things or to take control of their screens to sort an issue out. We also happen to use Linux (Fedora in particular) a lot, and several of our machines are 64bit (x86_64 processors). For quite some time we’ve had to use, the fairly brilliant Linux – Windows layer called Wine to get YuuGuu to run on our Linux boxes.

Well no more! YuuGuu have released a native Linux version, available for Ubuntu, Fedora and Suse flavours (which can probably be coaxed to work on other distributions as well). This works fine for i386 (32bit) CPUs but not on our machines with the 64bit ones.

After a bit of digging and playing about, we’ve found they’ve also got native 64bit versions in testing and that works well, so there’s no more need for us to use Wine in order to run this very useful screen sharing application – life’s a little less complicated now. 😉

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