Conference experience

I’m currently sat in the PHP London 08 conference and just thought I’d post a note. I’m currently listening to Rob Allen enthuse about the Zend Framework in the ‘my framework is better than yours’ session.The three frameworks under discussion where Code Igniter, Symphony and Zend Framework. Having listened to all the debates, I’m still glad we’ve settled on the Zend Framework for our day to day work, just seems more flexible for existing and new projects at the same time – the others seem only to have relevance when starting from scratch.

The morning sessions in the main track seemed a little basic over all, however you have to pitch at a wide audience level so that’s to be expected. Fortunately, Marcus Bointon after lunch (which was really quite nice for a conference) talked about mail() and all the things that go with that, handling bounces, VERP and a few other niceties. It was unfortunate that he ran out of time towards the end as it turned out to be informative and quite in depth without getting to the point of boredom – I’ve found his slides on-line which should help finish the learning.

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