IP 1000A ethernet driver Fedora 7

Discovered today that a previously working ethernet driver for the IP1000A chipset stopped working when upgrading to the latest Fedora 7 kernel ( When compiling the driver there’s now output indicating a problem:

ipg_main.c:4045: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘pci_module_init’

If you’ve installed or upgraded to Fedora 7 (or are running a 2.6.22+ kernel) along with an ethernet adapter using the IP1000A chipset (e.g. from /sbin/lspci getting something similar to "Sundance Technology / IC Plus Corp IP1000 Family Gigabit Ethernet" – running on an Abit motherboard here) and are using the drivers as found at http://www.icplus.com.tw/driver-pp-IP1000A.html (and this zip file in particular) then you’ll need the following mod for the source code:

In ipg_main.c line 4045 change:
    return pci_module_init(&ipg_pci_driver);
    return pci_register_driver(&ipg_pci_driver);

It seems the pci_module_init call has been deprecated and it’s replaced by pci_register_driver instead (or something!).

At some point this ethernet driver (or another) should be incorporated into the main kernel tree (IMHO). However I can’t find a definitive status on progress – some sites’ mailing list archives seem to indicate it’s just awaiting sign-off – nudge! It’s been around as a device for ages now and it’s getting to be a pain to have to recompile drivers on every kernel release 😉

Recompile (make clean; make; make install) with this mod and everything should work and play nicely for now, at least until the next kernel change that breaks it.

Happy Tx/Rx 🙂

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