Lancashire a Leading Force in IT

Lancashire is a leading force in IT according to Preston businessman and entrepreneur Jeremy Coates who runs the successful Internet and Business consultancy – ‘Co-Comp Ltd’.

Lancashire a Leading Force in IT: Jeremy and Priscilla Coates Jeremy said: ‘Lancashire is now an established centre for technical excellence; large companies are bringing their business here and are seeing that the level of expertise they receive is of the highest standard. In Lancashire we have the skills that are so highly sought after throughout the country and that coupled with our prime location equals success for the county.’

Jeremy is one of the professionals who has highly specialised skills as a web programmer, with a vast in-depth practical working knowledge of HTML, PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache and a host of other computer programmes critical to the success of any website; and it is with this type of expertise that he is building a name for himself both regionally and nationally.

Jeremy offers the trade (digital media, marketing companies, software design houses and web designers to name but a few) specialist web development skills that they may not have in-house. This gives these companies the opportunity to win business that they would not have otherwise been able to consider, through subcontracting Jeremy in.

Companies like are thriving off the recent success of the North West, where companies such as the BBC and Inland Revenue are quickly relocating to. The North West once know for its sprawling mill towns, has now built a reputation based around IT consultancies, advertising agencies, creative marketing groups and digital media specialists.

Computing and web businesses have formed a large part of this revolutionary turn-around, with Lancashire now leading the way and the North West having the highest rise in employment over the 2004/5 period.

Co-Comp have seen evidence of Lancashire attracting business from the south, with some of their biggest clients coming all the way from London purely to incorporate the skills that they can receive from Jeremy and his team at Co-Comp.

If you would like to find out how Co-Comp Ltd can help your business then please visit their website: or phone 0845 241 6460.


For more information or higher quality photos please contact: Priscilla Coates on 0845 241 6460

Notes to editors:

JPEG image shown is of Priscilla Coates (Co-Comp Business and Management Coach) and Jeremy Coates (Co-Comp Director).

Jeremy Coates is an expert in LAMP and as such is highly respected in specialist fields which form the backend of a high number of websites.

LAMP stands for Linux (Operating System), Apache (Web Server software – used by 60%+ of websites), MySQL (Database System), PHP (Web Programming Language).

Through Co-Comp’s six successful years they have serviced all manner of businesses including universities, primary care trusts, business links, government bodies, and a whole host of small to medium sized enterprises, and continue to effectively assist all their clients through dedicating themselves to quality service and products no matter how large or small the customer.

Jeremy is a committee member of the ‘Northern New Media Forum’, which is an assembly of 150+ North West digital media companies, all contributing towards the healthy state of the regions blossoming technical sector.

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