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We help organisations connect and build bridges between their technology, people and processes. We do this through extensive technical expertise, team & leadership development, software development, strategy design and change & project management. As a team, we have a broad range of experience and a multi-disciplinary skill base. We work with very small teams (3-4 people) and large teams. All of our services are stand-alone or can be combined to create a bespoke service tailored to your exact needs.

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Why co-create?

We work in partnership with customers just like you! We are no ordinary team, we combine extensive expertise across a multidisciplinary field of years of experience and up-to-date learning.

Our focus is on technology, people and process – through a combination of software development, change & organisation management and technical team development we support leaders and teams to innovate and grow.

We combine your expertise together with ours and create value!

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Our software engineers build new software, improve existing software, and rescue failing projects. Our technical consultants provide code audits, best practice guidance and onsite technical team & co-worker development.

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Magma is an award-winning software and change consultancy based in the North West of England.

Magma is the vision of Jeremy and Priscilla Coates. After working in the NHS as clinicians they left to create an agency, where everyone innovates and creates. We help organisations connect their technology, people and processes through team & leadership development, software development and strategy.


Industrial Revolution

Recently I visited Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire in the North of England. The estate is owned now by the National Trust but was the home of Samuel Greg who established a Cotton Mill there in 1784. My interest apart from the obvious history relating to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution are the important lessons

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Agile Business Conference

Agile Business

This week Carrie and Priscilla from Magma, attended the Agile Business Conference 2018 in London. They set off from Preston around tea-time and joined the train, for the trip down to Euston. After navigating the London Underground they made their way to the hotel to review the conference programme and choose which of the track

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Apprentice Software Engineer

Apprentice Software Engineer

  Apprentice Software Engineer at Magma Starting a new job is almost always an exciting but nervous time, but moving into a new job whilst already on an apprentice programme is quite a big deal. But that is exactly what Tom our new Apprentice Software Engineer at Magma Digital has just done. I caught up

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