Technical Investigation

In order for an organisation to maximise their software, it Is essential to understand the issues, challenges and risks that the code encounters. Magma Digital’s technical investigation identifies and understands your applications software challenges, providing a code review that analyses the potential risk that your software have on your business.

Range of Services

We offer a variety of services when investigating a client’s software applications, and we are committed to providing expert, unbiased and pragmatic advice. Generally, during an evaluation of a system, we would cover aspects such as:

Data structure and fitness for purpose
Performance: Speed and efficiency
International aspects

From assessing these aspects of a system, we would then make recommendations. Some of the techniques we employ for reviewing code may include:

Briefing from end users to understand how the system is used
Interviews / discussions with key staff members (technical and non-technical)
Document reviewed
Data structure reviewed
Code inspection
Group discussions / Workshops