Support, maintenance & security

Organisations are progressively spending more of their budgets on software maintenance than on the actual development or purchasing of new systems.  Recent studies illustrate that companies spend up to 70% of their IT budgets on the corrective activities and maintenance of software applications.

In larger companies, legacy systems and software applications from acquisitions and mergers add to the difficulty of maintenance and support.  Consequently, their organisations suffer from their help desks being overloaded with routine maintenance, therefore they are left with no time to implement profitable deployment of new software systems.

Magma Digital offers software support and maintenance services which ensure that your business critical systems are working at maximum capacity and are free from technical faults.  Our maintenance and support services, range from maximising system capabilities and additional functionalities to identify and resolve errors and migrating to newer platforms.

Our support and maintenance process is focused on both preventative maintenance and corrective support in order to ensure that our client’s processes are sustainable and reliable.

The support, security and maintenance services we offer are:

Bug fixes
Help desk support
Defect resolution
Software maintenance
Long term maintenance packages
Bespoke application maintenance
Enhancements to improve performance and efficiency of applications
Preventive maintenance
Secured Environments

Our clients have a one-on-one contact with a member of the senior management team.  This contact will regularly update our client on the process and stage of their project, quickly responding to any queries or concerns that they may have.