Project Support

Octopus with Life Ring, rescued

Magma Digital have a long history of initiating and completing new projects, but unlike many others we can turn our hands to support your business through an existing or failing project.

We are here to help

Our PHP Experts and PRINCE2 Project Managers are here to help you. With experience in both public and private sectors our team have the knowledge to help you no matter what troubles you’re having. If your focus has moved to juggling time scales, budgets or quality and your project has gone off track, it can have a really negative impact and hit your business hard.

PHP / Web Application Project Support

At Magma Digital we understand how much time, money and effort are put into development projects. These projects can often fall off track or become so big that you just don’t have the knowledge or manpower to support them anymore. We can offer experienced consultancy on failing projects but can also, if required, take over the development issues. We have years of experience in software development successfully delivering projects on time and on budget. If you feel that your software project has gone off track, we’ll bring the necessary resources and expertise to ensure your project is a success.

Business Project Support

An often misunderstood quote by Dwight D Eisenhower, (34th President of USA) nicely describes our philosophy when it comes to managing a project of any kind; “Plans are nothing, planning is everything”. Our team of Prince2 Project Managers and Business Consultants have experience in both the public and private sectors delivering successful projects. We can offer you their enthusiasm and expertise to help complete your business project that is not hitting the required milestones or deadlines.

Our Project Support Services include:

  • Disaster analysis
  • Project rescue
  • Project adoption
  • Project completion

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