PHP Consultancy

Magma Digital provide a team of skilled consultants, who have over 15 years of experience working alongside complex business critical systems employing PHP.  As experts in PHP, we are highly experienced in areas such as: code audits, application development planning, performance research, security, maintainability and rescue plans.  Our PHP consultancy experience includes providing our software engineers to work with diverse sized enterprises to assess their internal PHP team.  Our software engineers audit their processes, skills, capacity and resilience planning with regard to their software development plans and capacity.

If you need a system built in PHP from scratch, or, due to a merger/acquisition, you need to transfer your current technologies into PHP or another language,  Magma Digital can offer software engineer consultants who work with your organisation to provide consultancy advice for future development and sustainability.

Benefits of PHP Consultancy

Organisations and departments that will benefit from PHP consultancy are those who are:

Looking for an external opinion on the code of their systems and in-house capability and capacity.
Looking for assistance in planning the development of a new system or re-organisation of existing systems.
Concerned about the security of maintainability of their systems.
Start up business seeking to ensure that they employ the most appropriate technologies to establish and grow their business.

Range of services

Magma Digital are commited to providing expert, unbiased and pragmatic advice.  Generally, during an evaluation of a system we would cover aspects such as:

Data structure and fitness for purpose
Performance: Speed and efficiency
International aspects

From assessing these aspects of a system, we would then make recommendations.  Some of the techniques we employ for reviewing code may include:

Briefing from end users to understand how the system is used
Interviews / discussions with key staff members (technical and non-technical)
Document reviewed
Data structure reviewed
Code inspection
Group discussions / workshops

“Since day one of work with Magma, we have found them to be professional, efficient and highly competent” – Jenny Tomkinson, Digital Communications Manager, Juvela.