Business Consultancy

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Business Consultancy services for SME & Corporates

We genuinely believe that business consultancy services should be affordable and specific to any size of business.

We have helped individual business owners who work alone, charities with little or no budget, right through to multi million pound NHS Trusts, all in the aim of helping them to be more successful at what they do.

And here is how!

Dr Ivan Misner created a formula called VCP, which stands for:  visibility + credibility = profitability

Our Business Consultant can improve Visibility

Without visibility either physically or virtually your business is unknown. If you’re unknown its difficult to build your credibility with potential clients. Business consultancy provides essential and useful ways to improve both visibility and credibility and it needn’t be long winded or expensive!

Project Management helps develop Credibility

Credibility is the quality of being reliable and worthy of confidence. Credibility grows when: deadlines are met, results are delivered, services exceed expectations and promises are kept.

Process Consultancy & Business Model Planning

With a clear business model and lined up processes we can help position your business for the future.

We understand how to use business models to provide clarity and how to make sure that your business processes line up so that they support your goals.

Our Business & Process Consultancy Team:

With decades of experience leading business consultancy in the public and private sectors, we now share the very best of those sectors with you. Our business consultant team will listen and work with you to build on your visibility and credibility large or small.

How do we do this?

For example we can help with: Creating your Business Model, Writing Business Plans, Pitches and Plans, Process Improvement, Writing your Social Media Strategy, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Marketing, Web Design & Web Development.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what others have actually said about our business consultancy in our case studies!

After-all, don’t we all want to work with credible businesses that you know, like and trust?

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