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Phing presentation at PHPNW

Last week I gave an hour long presentation at the PHPNW user group in Manchester about ‘Phing‘ the PHP project build system. Here at Magma Digital, we use Phing as part of our Continuous Integration (CI) set up. Phing is … Continue reading

Celebrating 12 years in business

This week has seen the twelfth anniversary of the company, yes we started back in 1999. Happy Birthday Magma! The internet was quite different back then, the technologies were in their infancy, HTML used ‘font’ tags, stylesheets (CSS) hadn’t arrived … Continue reading

Growth and development

We’ve had a quite a few great changes here at Magma Digital in the last couple of months. January saw us go through the upheaval of an office move, we’re now based in the heart of the Preston business community … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Dear All, We hope you’ve had a great 2010 and are already ahead with your preparations for the approaching Christmas season. This year has been one of continuous change for us here at Magma Digital and so far, … Continue reading

Barcamp Blackpool Sponsorship

Barcamp Blackpool is fast approaching again, it’s on this Saturday, 3rd July 2010, and promises to be a great community event as it was last year. Magma Digital is proud to be sponsoring the event again this year, it’s a … Continue reading

New staff and a new name

It always seems like there’s a lot of things to post, perhaps we’ll just have to post more frequently! We have recently undertaken a big transformation, it started with a rebrand idea and became a full identity change. From this … Continue reading

XTemplate updates

For those interested in PHP and Templating, I’ve released some updates to the (excellent – no bias!) PHP XTemplate, one of the major new features is that of Tag Callback modifiiers – this is a bit of a change of … Continue reading

IP 1000A ethernet driver Fedora 7

Discovered today that a previously working ethernet driver for the IP1000A chipset stopped working when upgrading to the latest Fedora 7 kernel ( When compiling the driver there’s now output indicating a problem: ipg_main.c:4045: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘pci_module_init’ … Continue reading

Cool Firefox plugin

Just discovered a new Firefox extension plugin today – ScribeFire (formerly performancing) which lets you create and edit blog posts direct from within the firefox interface. In fact this is my first post using it, so it’s a bit of … Continue reading

Segmentation fault using RPM

I’ve got a CentOS 4.2 machine (x86_64 variety) that usually runs very sweetly, with hindsight, the adage if it ain’t broke don’t fix it comes to mind! There I was doing the usual ‘yum update’ then the next thing ‘segmentation … Continue reading

Lancashire a Leading Force in IT

Lancashire is a leading force in IT according to Preston businessman and entrepreneur Jeremy Coates who runs the successful Internet and Business consultancy – ‘Co-Comp Ltd’. Jeremy said: ‘Lancashire is now an established centre for technical excellence; large companies are … Continue reading