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Magma are an award-winning software development company based in the North West of England.
We specialise in developing new business critical systems and adopting inefficient legacy software and code.ensuring our clients improve their business processes, maximise efficiencies and increase their bottom line profitability.

We work with our clients as development partners to help them improve their business processes, maximise efficiencies and increase their bottom line profitability.

Magma engineers work as architects and developers with clients, supported by project managers and designers. Our approach is agile and iterative, which means that we never move away from the client and their goals. The clients of Magma spend time talking to us and we listen. Together we then walk forward to ensure that we move at the right pace in the right direction.

Our skills and expertise at Magma mean that we work with other software agencies as partners. We can provide in-house teams with extra resource and provide more expertise into a developer team either remotely or onsite. Jeremy our CEO also sits on Boards and provides technical expertise for companies on an ad-hoc basis to provide the support and expertise your company needs on the day you need it.

Get in touch to find out more about making use of our expertise in your business, we are here to help!


Employing a variety of diverse languages and frameworks, our team of specialists are here to solve your software challenges.

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Services Overview

Our bespoke services help a business to become more efficient and cost effective, constructing business critical systems that are scalable to our clients’ business needs.

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Our process

Working alongside business plans, timescales and budgets, it is essential for our clients to understand the process of their project.

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What is your software challenge?

Our clients approach us with diverse software issues. To find out what the appropriate solution for your business is, follow the link and use our problem diagnostic tool.


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Why magma?


Established in 1999, Magma Digital are a team of specialist software developers who resolve your software issues by listening and working with you.  We develop business critical software systems that sit at the core of your organisation, improving processes and increasing efficiency and profitability.



The risks and rewards of your company’s software

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Software PHPNW Conference
Software Development Conference PHPNW17 Manchester

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  Magma are specialists in bespoke software development, enterprise level system architecture, web development & managing legacy software that is no longer fit for purpose.…

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