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Magma Digital

Magma Digital are an award-winning software development company based in the North West.
We specialise in developing new business critical systems and adopting inefficient legacy software and code, ensuring our clients improve their business processes, maximise efficiencies and increase their bottom line profitability.


Employing a variety of diverse languages and frameworks, our team of specialists are here to solve your software headache.

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Services Overview

Our bespoke services help a business to become more efficient and cost effective, constructing business critical systems that are scalable to our clients’ business needs.

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Our process

Working alongside business plans, timescales and budgets, it is essential for our clients to understand the process of their project.

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What is your software challenge?

Our clients approach us with diverse software issues. To find out what the appropriate solution for your business is, follow the link and use our problem diagnostic tool.


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Why magma?


Established in 1999, Magma Digital are a team of specialist software developers who resolve your software issues by listening and working with you.  We develop business critical software systems that sit at the core of your organisation, improving processes and increasing efficiency and profitability.



mergers and acquisitions
75% of Mergers and Acquisitions Fail Due to Unsuccessful Software System Intergration

Many organisations do not comprehend the potential software implications when buying or selling an organisation. IT infrastructures pose a huge challenge during mergers and acquisitions,…

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Liam: One of the UK's youngest Zend Certified PHP Engineers
I Became One of UK’s Youngest Zend Certified PHP Engineers

My name is Liam Walder; I’m 18 years old and I work at Magma Digital. I first joined the team when I was 16 –…

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Is Legacy Code limiting your Business Growth?

One of the most difficult challenges currently facing IT Managers and Directors is the maintaining and upgrading of legacy systems, it has been estimated that…

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